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Apple Shooter 2

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Apple Shooter 2 is a sequel of a popular game that has gained a huge audience after its release. The second part is not less popular than the first one there is a lot of interesting tours a number of new features that makes the game very interesting. Let's talk about the main goal of the game. You play as a man who holds the bow, your goal is to shoot the opponent in the head or in general to shoot him in other place of his body to hit him for opening new tours every new level is more difficult than previous one. If you damage your enemy go to following level , Be precise and careful during the game to get into your opponent. Wow i forget to tell you about enormous amount of funny moments in the game such as for example looking where injure an enemy he feels a different reaction, and it looks very funny and lots of other that you will see during the gameplay. After a good shot playing becomes more difficult you move to the second stage and hence the distance between you and your opponent's becomes larger. To aim and to hit him becomes more difficult but if you succeed then the distance increase again, and so on as you progress through the levels and discover new tours the game becomes more and more difficult but at the same time more interesting to play. Do not forget that the Apple Shooter 2 is the game that does not know no mercy for the enemy and also not for you too. Remember that no matter how deeply you open the game if you make a mistake and shot past all the effort will be lost, whatever level you must have to start the game again. So take your patience and play with pleasure this game. Apple Shooter 2 is the game which is played with great plesure all over the world by all children and young people as well as their parents play this game. The game helps to develop a rapid response, thinking and focuses on a specific purpose. In one word the game Apple Shooter 2 brings a lot less harm than good. Spend your spare time at our website , play this game with fun. Wish you nice passtime.

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